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yeah, that's more or less what happened

in my defense, i didn't forget immediately. my laptop was away for repairs that, due, to some errors on their end, ended up taking three-plus weeks to complete, and i couldn't remember what my password was, so that ruled out updating from my old desktop. i just figured i'd make a "sorry for my absence" post when i got this laptop back, and then... i forgot about it.

anyway, i'm not abandoning dreamwidth!! no sir nohow
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aight this is literally just a list of things i plan on liveblogging about on my liveblogging blog so i don't forget them

  • ace attorney, all the ones i haven't finished. that'd be apollo justice, dual destinies, and the investigations games

  • ib, since i never actually finished it (the game kept hanging. hopefully that is a fixable issue)

  • pokémon black/white, not sure which i'd play (i think i have both downloaded) but i probably should properly play gen v to see what all the fuss is about. i dicked around in white for roughly an hour and that was it, so

  • pokémon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky, i'm partway into it and regret not liveblogging it more properly before as it's quite the game

  • breaking bad, i want to rewatch it anyway and i'm always up for an excuse to talk about The Meth Show

  • invader zim, haven't watched it in ages, wanna rewatch it

that's all i can think of right now i'll update this later
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what's up dreamwidth dot org

i'm kester (you can call me kes for short) and for the past several years i've mainly been blogging over on tumblr, but considering as tumblr is, frankly, an awful environment for anyone who values things such as Privacy and Not Being Harassed By Unreasonably Angry Fifteen-Year-Olds, i think it's well past time for me to find a new blogging platform.

this does not mean i am vacating tumblr! i have way too many blogs, mutuals, and friends over there to be uprooting myself any time soon. however, if and when the time comes to say goodbye to tumblr dot com for good and all, i'd like to have established myself somewhere else, and for now it'll be nice to have a place to blog that isn't tumblr. ya feel me? yeah you do

i don't know how this site works yet but we'll get there eventually. thumbs up emoji


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